Tupac Shakur's handwritten lyrics to his song "Catchin' Feelings" are on sale for a retail price of $38,500. The revered rapper's estate isn't happy about the potential sale, and it appears that a lawsuit is imminent, according to TMZ.

Pac's estate is pissed that another person is trying to profit off the late artist's work. Shakur's people believe they are the rightful owners of all of Pac's original art, and as a result, they think it's disrespectful to exploit his memory by selling his property.

The estate tells TMZ that it has a history of rewarding people who return Tupac's rare items. However, the estate also says that it is "aggressively pursuing" those who try to make a buck off his memorabilia, including Gary Zimet, the auctioneer who plans to sell the lyric sheet on Sept. 13, the 20-year anniversary of Tupac's death. This leads many to believe that a lawsuit is on its way.

In other Pac-related news, isn’t it wild how people still think he’s alive and well? Most recently, a picture surfaced of another look-alike, prompting “Tupac Isn’t Dead” conspiracy theorists to claim that Makaveli never left. In the pic, the man purported to be Pac is taking a selfie. There’s no point in guessing what a man who’s been dead for 20 years would or wouldn’t do, but Pac doesn’t seem like the type of dude who would be into selfies.

Of course, both Pac's and Biggie's murders remain unsolved, and people have countless theories about what actually happened.

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