The love for Tupac is amazing. First, John Singleton is directing the biopic for Tupac. Then, Tupac's life is going to be portrayed on Broadway. Now, his cousin, wants to pay some homage and produce a movie for him too. According to Deadline, Tupac's cousin, Willam Lesane, has written a movie about his Pac's life, entitled, The Rise And Fall Of Makavelli The Don.

Lesane has raised $15 million dollars to shoot the movie in New Mexico. While the task seems admirable, several hindrances are in the way of making his dream become reality. Singleton's team has the script far along in the process and Lesane hasn't recieved word on whether he has the rights to Tupac's music.

Here's what Lesane said in regards to developing the movie: “The time has come to tell the real Tupac Shakur story, the movie his fans really want to see. Any movie that is produced about Tupac has to tell a truly great story with a bold statement attached. Our movie does that in spades…I lived this story with my cusin and paid tremendously for it.”