Today (Sept. 13) marks the 20th anniversary of Tupac Shakur's death. As a result, XXL is proud to share all of 2Pac's unreleased songs, freestyles and guest verses in one place, courtesy of the Reddit user 'Doogywassa.'

You can check out all of the amazing content on the Wakalet account right here. The Wakalet includes nine categories: unreleased tracks, unreleased collaborations, guest verses, live performances, freestyles, interviews, music videos, documentary, and legacy.

Major props to the user called 'Doogywassa' – whoever you are, you certainly did your homework. You smart, you loyal, and the fans appreciate you.

In other Pac news, be sure to check out XXL's special 20th anniversary tribute hub dedicated to Makaveli himself. While you're there, you'll be able to read tons of new and old content about the revered rapper and social icon, who is being remembered and celebrated throughout the entire day. Be sure to join in!

In case you missed it, definitely look at these unreleased Tupac photos taken by Gobi M. Rahimi. Rahimi is selling framed prints of the photos on the Sonic Editions website in various sizes. These are gonna be selling like hot cakes since it's the 20th anniversary of the Death Row legend's death.

The photos range from Sept. 1994, when ‘Pac is pictured performing in Chicago, through 1996 when the rapper was slain. Plus, there’s a rare picture of the rapper performing with Digital Underground back in 1990.

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