Some people are just too big to fit on screen. One would think the late Tupac Shakur falls into this category--his musical catalog alone is one of the most storied and dissected in the history of hip-hop. Add to that his career as an actor and lifelong commitment to social and political causes, and you have one of the most magnetic characters in modern American culture. But that hasn't stopped a new team of writers and producers from trying to craft the definitive biopic of the legendary rapper.

Speaking to Collider, producer Randall Emmett (Lone Survivor, End Of Watch, Rambo) explained that the last remaining concerns with regard to a new Tupac film are simply logistics. Scheduled for a June start date, filming will take place over the summer. The film will be distributed domestically by Open Road Films and will touch on the East Coast-West Coast tumult, Tupac's beginnings in Harlem, Baltimore, and California, and his rise to the top of the rap world.

Perhaps most importantly, the project--to which Tupac's mother, Afeni Shakur, is attached as a producer--has secured the licensing for the artist's original music.

Watch more of the interview below:


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