In the 16 months since Tunji Ige dropped his debut album The Love Projectthe rapper has played shows around the world, dropped out of college to pursue music full time and established himself as one of the more intriguing artists from the East Coast. Ige's latest effort is Missed Calls, a seven-track EP that features his breakout single "On My Grind." Featuring production from Tunji and executive producer Noah Breakfast, Missed Calls can be streamed above via his Soundcloud page.

"This project was different because I opened up my process and worked with people who I felt could do things to add exponentially to the final product," he told Complex. "Whether it be me making a beat and needing mixing help from Noah (Breakfast) or Ryan or having Ben track my vocals and edit takes it was a whole factory to make the best product.

"I produced every song on Missed Calls except 'War,' but what Noah does as an executive producer is use his skills in production and mixing to take some of my ideas to the next level," he continued. "There will be two sessions of the same track, Noah and I will bounce the track back and forth between us and we’ll remove or add to them."

As a visual aid to Missed Calls, the rapper also dropped a mini-documentary chronicling the life and times of Tunji in the lead up to the release of the project. The MC has also set up a "hotline" of sorts for his fans. Call (267) 202-4255, leave a voicemail and you'll receive exclusive information regarding Tunji.

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