Former NFL quarterback Troy Aikman is finally reacting to the meme craze from 2017 where people were calling him the "White Jay-Z."

Troy Aikman Reacts to Jay-Z Comparison Memes

On Tuesday (Oct. 3), sports writer Pablo Torre shared a clip from his Pablo Torre Finds Out podcast on X, formerly known as Twitter, where he gives the scoop on Troy Aikman's feelings about being called the "White Jay-Z" in memes. Torre recently straight up asked the NFL Hall of Fame quarterback if he is aware of the popular posts.

"Yes. I am aware of that," Aikman said in the recording. "White Jay-Z, there was a meme, it still pops up on my feed from time to time. It was some game, yeah—I don't know what...I think this was before everything kinda went A.I., but [now] you don't know what's real and what's not, so I don't know if that was actually an unedited picture of me, but, pretty scary."

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The Jay-Z and Troy Aikman Meme

Back in 2017, people on the internet captured a screenshot of Troy Aikman looking eerily similar to the billionaire rapper during an NFL broadcast. People on social media had a field day with the photo, which has been memed over and over since then.

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See Troy Aikman finally reacting to the 2017 memes calling him the White Jay-Z below.

Watch Troy Aikman's Response to Being Asked About White Jay-Z Memes

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