It looks like tensions between Trippie Redd and XXXTentacion are not calming down any time soon, as the "Dark Knight Dummo" rapper is taking more shots at the Florida native. Redd did an Instagram Live session with fans yesterday (March 12), where he directly addresses the 17 entertainer, calling him out for hanging out with Trippie's latest enemy, 6ix9ine.

During the live stream, the Canton, Ohio native claims that he's been reaching out to the 2017 XXL Freshman directly to talk about their beef, and even says that his former friend is "not tough." He also addresses Tentacion "banning" him from Florida.

"I be calling X," he explains. "Every time that nigga say something about me, I be calling his line, ’cause he not about that, bro...You not about that, bro. You can't ban me from nowhere. Nigga is pussy as fuck, bro. I will beat X ass, nigga. That's on bloods. Niggas is not tough."

Redd continues to explain that XXXTentacion started to hang out with 6ix9ine because he is a fan of Drake's, who X has had previous issues with. However, Trippie claims that X already knew and was fine with the fact that Trippie was working with Drizzy, making their current feud even more confusing.

"I was in Broward the other day when he did that lame ass shit. Start fucking with 6ix9ine cause I fuck with Drake," he continues. "He know I fuck with Drake, nigga. He already knew that. Drake is one of my idols. I'm not about to stop fucking with somebody that I done listened to my whole life cause of you, nigga. I thought we was cool. I thought we was gonna leave it at that, feel me? I told the nigga I fuck with Drake. I told him he's cool. And he said that was cool, so we was cool with it. Then the nigga wanna do the weird ass shit, switching sides, contradict."

If you recall, Trippie and X previously collaborated on their joint track "Fuck Love," which comes off of Tentacion's critically-acclaimed album. The two recently had a falling out and have been taking public shots at each other since.

Watch Trippie Redd call out XXXTentacion in his live stream footage below.

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