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Slip-N-Slide Records / Atlantic
Slip-N-Slide Records / Atlantic

2005: Trina drops off Glamorest Life, a third studio album with features plenty of slappers, which are usually assisted by some down-south all stars.

By this point in time, Trina had already solidified her status as a certified rap star, having seen her first two LPs do solid numbers. Praised for her ferociously honest bars, delivery and figure, Glamorest Life was an effort that saw Trina's career continue to rise.

Checking in at 13 tracks, Glamorest Life is a perfectly digestible effort that you can play when you're riding out. With slapper on top of slapper and and boast on boast, it's also another showcase for Trina's supreme confidence. Starting with the Dre-assisted "Sum Mo," Trina bounces across a bed of hard beats as she reaffirms her status as the baddest.

"I don't know what you've been told/But I'm back bitches, yep I'm back niggas/Yeah I'm hearing rumors that my house foreclosed/So I, pack a bag and build a crib with mo' - woo," the Miami rapper spits on the album's opener.

From the first song on, Trina ends up linking up with a ton of rappers who dominated the radio in the mid-2000s. On "Don't Trip," which stands as one of the very best tracks on Glamorest Life, she links up with Lil Wayne (she was supposedly dating him at the time). On "Shake," she taps Lil Scrappy. Throughout the rest of the project she enlists the help of Trey Songz, Mannie Fresh and a then-mostly unknown Rick Ross. It was pretty loaded.

Upon its release, Glamorest Life moved 77,000 copies in its first week. It was a solid opening that marked her best to date. The LP has moved 400,000 units.

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