Trick Daddy has filed for bankruptcy. TMZ reports that the Miami native filed for Chapter 11 because of debt. The hip-hop vet has $430k in assets but somewhere around $645k in debt. He claims he owes $34,837 child support to one of his kids’ mothers, $22,282 to another one, $290k in back taxes, and is $280k in arrears on his first mortgage. The Based on a True Story MC reportedly still manages to make $14,500 a month in publishing and public appearances plus has about $550 worth of clothing and jewelry. His reaction to the bankruptcy news on Instagram was telling.

Things have been relatively quiet musically for Trick Daddy. He's been mostly in the headlines for his run-ins with the law, defending Miami and his infamous eating booty rant. In a recent interview with the Miami New Times, Trick Daddy expounds about what he's been dealing with over the last couple of years. “People be like, ‘Trick, why did you leave the rap game?’ I didn’t leave the rap game; the rap game left me,” he said. “I’ve been dealing with a lot of different issues — the lupus, the IRS, along with just family problems — and now I’m getting all that together.”

In May 2014, Trick Daddy‘s father Charles “Pops” Young and former Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie settled their financial differences. Young, who's owner of a Florida stripclub claimed McKinnie rang up the charges over a 20-month period and agreed to pay back in 2010. Young filed suit against McKinnie for $375,000 in 2012. The former NFL player agreed to a settlement. The previous month of that year in April, the "I'm a Thug" rapper was busted for gun charges, possession of cocaine and driving with a suspended license.