On Monday (Jan. 29), Ayanna Jackson, who accused Tupac Shakur of raping her back in 1993, sat down with DJ Vlad for an interview about the alleged assault. Now, 'Pac's close friend, Naughty By Nature member Treach, feels Jackson is just looking to promote a new book.

In a video posted by TMZ, Treach says Jackson is just a thirsty attention-seeker who's quite possibly looking to promote a new book. He didn't pull any punches, but first, he makes it clear he's not about advocating rape.

"I don't condone no rape at all, nothing like that," Treach begins in a video posted early Friday morning (Feb. 2). "You understand? That was then—[Tupac Shakur] did time for that and we know the truth."

From there, Treach offers up an explanation as to why someone like Jackson would lie about something as serious as rape. "Why you think? 'Cause she might have a book. She has to renew her thirst card to be relevant again 'cause her 15 minutes of fame ran out 20 years ago. Why would you wanna do that? Why you wanna do that? 'Cause you're thirsty."

Treach continues by accusing Jackson of extortion. "She gon' try to write a book to defame somebody name that's not here to defend himself, when you already know that you been had relationships with him, and when you wanna extort him, and he just cut you off—you wanna say he took something," he says in the video.

The incident allegedly took place in New York City's Parker Meridien Hotel on Nov. 18, 1993. On Dec. 2 1994, Shakur was found guilty of groping Jackson, but he wasn't convicted of forcing her to perform oral sex on him. On Feb. 7, 1995, Shakur was sentenced to one and a half to four and a half years in prison for sexual abuse.

Watch Treach's take on Jackson's recent interview for yourself in the video below. Check out Jackson's side of things as well.

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