Travis Scott, whose chart-topping album Astroworld dropped with an expansive batch of branded apparel, may be designing his next line of merch for a high school in his hometown. Scott offered as much to the seniors at Houston's Dwight D. Eisenhower High School on Wednesday (Sept. 12).

After a wave of students tagged the "Sicko Mode" rapper in tweets featuring three students' proposed senior shirt design, which features a version of Scott's "Watch" cover art, Travis responded, "Ill just design them for u guys and send a box thru how about that."

Needless to say, Eisenhower's students are pretty geeked. Sandra Vasquez, the senior whose tweet Scott quoted in his response, told XXL she couldn't believe the news.

"We were shook," Vasquez wrote in a direct message. "We love Travis and all he does for Houston."

Lyndsy Horta, who designed the original shirt with fellow seniors Itzel Rodriguez and Fernando Coronado, explained that they considered asking the rapper's camp for permission to incorporate his cover, but figured he'd never respond.

"We made the shirts out of our love for him," Horta told XXL. "I had thought about reaching out to ask him for permission but never took a shot at it because I mean, it’s THE Travis Scott."

After Scott responded to Vasquez's tweet, Horta said there was momentary drama over the shirt's designers receiving proper credit, but excitement over Travis collaborating with the school ultimately soothed the tension.

"I was devastated because Travis’s music has got me through much things that have occurred & [I] wanted my favorite artist to at least know we thought of them," Horta wrote in a message. "We spoke with the girl who’s tweet went viral and it’s all love."

In addition to the Eisenhower High School shirts, Travis is also looking to expand his personal merchandise. Today it was revealed he filed documents to trademark "S.P.A.C.E" for a line of clothing, jewelry, non-alcoholic drinks and an online store.

You can view Eisenhower High School's Astroworld-inspired senior shirt design and Travis Scott's offer to design his own shirt for the school below.

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