Update (June 22, 1:10 a.m. EST):

Travis Scott has responded with a captioned video that claims the kids are saying "I'm on TV" and "shoot me," not "Chief Keef." See it below.

Original Story:

Does Travis Scott look like Chief Keef? That's a question he might have found himself asking after a group of kids in Johannesburg, South Africa mistook him for the Chicago rapper when he visited them a couple of days ago. Peep video of the incident below.

Scott had recently completed the Johannesburg stop of his Bird's Eye View tour and was all set to head to Germany for the next tour date when he decided to visit these kids. Once there, someone recorded a video of his interaction, and in the clip, we hear the children screaming out, "Chief Keef" as Scott approaches.

For his part, Scott took the hilarious—and completely innocent—case of mistaken identity like a G, and took a photo with the enthusiastic kids just a few moments later. Good for him.

It's good to see Scott's so comfortable with his fans, because he could very well be on the precipice of gaining many more. Recently, the Houston rapper teased his next album, titled AstroWorld, and his forthcoming joint project with Quavo in a mid-concert freestyle.

“Which album, nigga I don’t know,” Scott said just before the beat dropped during his set at the 2017 Bonnaroo Music Festival. “AstroWorld or the one with Quavo?” Quit playing with us, La Flame.

Peep Scott's interaction with the kids that confused him for Chief Keef below.

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