If you've ever had the opportunity to attend a Travis Scott show, then you're well aware of how memorable his performances can be. The "Goosebumps" rapper is currently on Kendrick Lamar's DAMN. Tour, but at a recent stop, he puts one concertgoer in check who didn't seem to show proper appreciation for his set.

During his opening performance, the Houston entertainer stands on top of a bird, which gets lifted up and flown over the audience so that he can better interact with the crowd. At his most recent stop, Scott sees one attendee in V.I.P. on their cell phone, who he immediately calls out in front of the entire crowd.

"Ayo all y'all niggas that's with me that's behind the gate that's on y'all phones, y'all niggas can take y'all ass home or y'all can go back there and watch the show bro," Travis tells the V.I.P. member. "Don't get no V.I.P. motherfucking show texting on your phone like this shit wack or something. Get your motherfucking ass out of here. None of you niggas got no bitches."

Travis fans in the crowd cheer as they hear the rapper's rant and increase their enthusiasm as he transitions into more of his hit songs for the packed venue.

This is far from the first time that Travis has gotten controversial at one of his shows, as he's previously seen fans jump from balconies to crowd surf, with one fan even injuring their legs doing so.

Watch Travis Scott address a a fan on their cell phone in V.I.P. in the video below.

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