On Tuesday night (July 31), Travis Scott shared another version of his Astroworld album cover. The new image, also created by famed photographer David LaChapelle, features a darker amusement park vibe with fire, nude women, contortionists and Travis' signature inflatable gold head. This is the official nighttime album cover of Astroworld. The kid-friendly version is dubbed the daytime album cover.


Just a day after dropping the trailer and release date for his highly anticipated LP AstroworldTravis Scott dropped the album's cover art on July 31, which was created by famed photographer and film director David LaChapelle.

Naturally, the Astroworld cover pays homage to the Texas theme park La Flame visited during his childhood. The album art reflects images of children enjoying themselves at the amusement park as a family enters through a gold, inflated Travis Scott head. This explains the cryptic heads that have popped up around the nation at landmarks like the Hard Rock Cafe in NYC's Time Square and Magic City, Atlanta's popular gentlemen's club.

Scott, who also has a pair of Air Force Ones dropping next week, has led fans to believe he has more work with David LaChapelle on the way. After dropping the album art, Travis tweeted out "DAVID LACHAPELLE THANK U FOR BRINGING ASTROWORLD TO LIFE WHATS IN STORE I CANT WAIT."

LaChapelle is an icon in the creative world, having photographed some of hip-hop's most brilliant artists. Tupac Shakur, Eminem, Kanye West and Lil' Kim, among others, have been featured in his books and artwork.

Upon Travis' album trailer release, XXL asked fans of the "Watch" rager which producers they'd like to see him collab with on his third studio album. A video of Fki 1st hinting at part 2 of "Drugs You Should Try It" has been making rounds and Mike Dean is telling fans they're going to "sh**" their pants after hearing the album, so no doubt those two made the cut.

Astroworld is slated to drop on Aug. 3. Check out LaChapelle's incredible artwork below in the meantime.

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