Travis Scott has yet to unveil an official release date for his AstroWorld album, but that hasn't stopped him planning his tour for the project. He revealed as much in a new interview with Rolling Stone, where he announces his plans to make sure his AstroWorld tour doubles as a legit amusement park.

"I don't know why it hasn't been done already – I think people just don't do shit. Who makes stages these days that are cool?" Scott explained in the story. He's got a pretty good point.

If you haven't been following the saga of AstroWorld, Scott's plans might sound random. If you have, then you already know AstroWorld was a Houston amusement park Scott used to frequent before it was closed down when he was in the eighth grade. He actually spoke to us about it in the cover story for the winter 2016 edition of XXL Magazine.

Between AstroWorld and his joint project with Quavo, Scott's got a lot of things in the works, but they might have to take a backseat to fatherhood in the near future. Recently, it was reported that the Houston rapper and Kylie Jenner are expecting a baby. Even more recently, it's been speculated that their baby could be a girl. Kylie's yet to comment on the matter, but rumor has it she's five months into her pregnancy.

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