Custom debit cards with sports team logos, pictures of pets or photos of children are nothing new, but for one man, he had to go straight to the source to get approval to use a photo. Alejandro Jimenez hopped on Twitter early Friday morning (June 15) to ask Travis Scott for permission to use the Rodeo cover on his Visa debit card.

According to Jimenez's tweet, he couldn't make the card without Scott's approval. "i really wanna get this done but need permission for it. @trvisxx do i have your blessing?" he tweeted. Less than an hour later, La Flame responded, quoting Jimenez's tweet, writing, "Yep @Visa @Wellsfargo make it happen for this kid."

But the "Butterfly Effect" rapper didn't stop there. Along with granting him permission to use the album artwork, Scott also told Jimenez he would put some money on the card for him, as long as Jimenez was doing something productive.

"If they get this done I put some bread in there for u this summer," he tweeted. "But u gotta be in school or something kiddo." Jimenez confirmed he's in school, telling Scott that he just finished his freshman year of college.

The young man also couldn't contain his excitement, adding in another tweet, "Bro I swear im shaking. He's my favorite artist and I can't believe this omg omg omg. I just.. this unbelievable."

It's not Scott's first time giving back to the youth. In May, the rapper attended a Houston Rockets game to honor the survivors of the Santa Fe High School Shooting. Appearing at center court, Scott called the students "the strongest people on this Earth" and thanked them for being heroes.

Check out the tweets below.

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