Trae Tha Truth made national headlines when he hopped into a boat to help rescue survivors of Hurricane Harvey, one of the most devastating tropical storms in recent memory. In the weeks following the storm, the rapper continued doing his part by launching a relief fund for those affected by the storm. Now, though, he's saying those relief funds haven't been all that helpful to the people of Texas.

Posting a screenshot of an accusatory tweet from DJ Mr. Rogers tweet, which claims that the condition of Port Arthur, Texas made it clear none of the millions of donation dollars went into helping the region, Trae expresses his frustration over all that money not helping those in need.

"All These Millions Sent for Harvey Relief And Aint Gettin To Any People," he wrote in the caption for the post. "And We Out Spending Time , Money, Damn Near Risking Health, Neglecting Our Own Families And More... Now Im Startin To Get Hot.. We Purposely Post Videos So People Can See Its A Need For Help And See Where Our & Your Money Is Going.. But Lets Be Honest.. It Seems Like People Hopin Things Fade Away And Be Forgotten About... It Woulda Been More Powerful To Team Up And Help The Masses Instead Of Us Only Being Able To Help A Few Hundred Families Alone."

Trae goes on to use evidence of the things he's seen to say Hurricane Harvey survivors are being under served, before going on to say classicism is playing a role in who and what gets the necessary help.

"Answer Me This.. If Its Really Help Out Here, Why Is It Kids Still Sleepin On Cardboard Boxes, Tents In Front Yards, Trailors In Back Yards, Special Needs Kids Sleepin On Molded Floors? We Deal With This Daily..We Deal Wit The Good And Bad EVERYDAY, So Ill Be Damn If People Choose To Help A Certain Class Of People, OVERLOOKIN THE PEOPLE WHO REALLY NEED IT , Aint Real At All To Me... And Be Clear ,!!" Trae explains.

He continues by commending those who have genuinely put in work to help every Hurricane Harvey supporter in need. Check out his Instagram post below. Read our story about his Hurricane Harvey rescue exploits when you're done with that.

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