As evidenced by his spending $35,000 on a whim just a few days ago, Tory Lanez has been riding high in 2017. Unfortunately, the Toronto star was recently served a huge plate of humility in the form of an absolutely vicious shot block while playing a game of basketball during an off day of Future's Nobody Safe tour.

In the video, which was posted by someone who appears to be one of Future's dancers, we see Lanez take a few dribbles before sprinting toward the hoop. After he gets about 12 feet in front of the basket, Lanez jumps into the air to fire a shot, only to have his shot swatted at the peak of his jump. The force of the block is so serious, Lanez actually falls back into a fence. Ouch.

Lanez's fortune didn't improve too much throughout the rest of the video. In the bits of the game we can see, he gets the ball stolen from him before airballing a jump shot. He also gets scored on several times. Yikes.

Lanez might have taken this L, but for the most part, 2017's been pretty good for the Toronto artist. A little while back, he squashed his beef with Drake,  and just a couple of days ago, Lanez revealed he was almost done with his new album, so he's good. Video's still hilarious, though.

Peep Tory Lanez getting his shot blocked in the Instagram post below.

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