After tearing up Coachella for back to back weekends, Tory Lanez is back with new music. Today, he jumps on DJ Khaled's hit single “Shining” for the remix.

"Niggas can't fuck up my vibe/Niggas can't fuck up my hype/Fuck up my pie and the trap niggas die in the trap/I'm the plug and there'll never be applies in my trap/Nope, nope/Niggas ain't running off on Fargo/Gotta couple bitches and they all cargo/Niggas all involved, the fuck is a Volvo?/Nigga you a con, the fuck outta convo," raps the Toronto native.

It's officially Fargo Season. Tory is planning to jump on a lot of rappers' beats for remixes. "@ your favorite artist and tell em " THEY BETTER HAVE ONE HELL OF AN ARSENAL" cuz I have a WHOLE BAG of FLAME to drop this summer," he wrote on Twitter.

When a fan responded to him and said that Tory isn't better than J. Cole or Kendrick Lamar, the "Say It" spitta didn't back down. "I especially got something for all u niggas doubting the fact that I really put niggas in caskets with these verses too," he said.

Khaled's original version of "Shining" is a single off his forthcoming album, Grateful. The record connects the Miami native with hip-hop's power couple, Jay Z and his wife Beyonce, over production from Danja and Khaled himself.

During Khaled’s recent XXL cover shoot, the social media boss discussed the making of his lead single and how he ended up getting Hov and Bey on the track.

“I’m like, ‘Let me play it for you,’ and the first 20, 30 seconds he was bopping his head and I seen him already rhyming in his head,” said Khaled. “After I played him the record I was like, ‘Yo, I know the answer is no, but if you want to play this for your wife…man, that would be dope! But I know the answer is no.'”

The rest is history.

Bump Tory Lanez's version of "Shining" below.

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