Singer Torii Wolf is joined by DJ Premier and Macklemore for a new song titled "Free." Premo and Torii have been working together for a while and this latest collab is pretty excellent. With production by King of Chill plus Preem handling the scratches, Torii and Macklemore express how you must be free within yourself before you can experience true freedom.

"'Free' is a special tune. It’s very relatable," Torii Wolf explains. "True freedom comes from within; it’s the battle we face each day with our own identity. Having the confidence to be comfortable in our skin and with who we are; and being our true authentic selves. I find the content of someone else’s mind most attractive."

Macklemore's verse is pretty poignant when you listen to it. "Gotta have faith at all times/We all become an archive/Oh yea we all die, but/How do we spend our time/Like her with the false pride/Fuck word is at all time/Ego got the people/Divided minded and hog tied," Macklemore raps.

"Free" is off of Torii Wolf's upcoming album Flow Riiot, which is produced almost entirely by DJ Premier and drops on Sept. 29. Peep the tracklist and song below.

Torii Wolf’s Flow Riiot:

1. “Everlasting Peace” (prod. by DJ Premier)
2. “Meant To Do” (prod. by DJ Premier)
3. “1st” (prod. by DJ Premier)
4. “Big Big Trouble” (prod. by DJ Premier)
5. “Body” (prod. by araabMUZIK)
6. ”I’d Wait Forever And A Day For You” (prod. by DJ Premier)
7. “Take It Up On Monday” (prod. by King Of Chill)
8. “Go From Here” (prod. by DJ Premier)
9. “Shadows Crawl” (prod. by DJ Premier)
10. “Nobody Around” (prod. by DJ Premier)
11. “You’re Not There” (prod. by King Of Chill)
12. “Where We Belong” (prod. by DJ Premier)
13. “Free” Feat. Macklemore and DJ Premier (prod. by King Of Chill)
14. “Pain Killer” (prod. by Mike Zombie)
15. “Moscow” (prod. by Torii Wolf)

Executive Produced by DJ Premier & Ian Schwartzman
Photography and Artwork by: Amanda & Jaxon Demme

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