Tony Yayo's clapping back.

In an earlier interview with 50 Cent on The Breakfast Club in March, 50 gave an explanation on distancing himself from G-Unit members Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks.

“Some people, they’re like milk,” 50 says. "They have an expiration date and no matter what you do, they’ll spoil after a while.”

Furthermore, 50 Cent addresses Yayo specifically by saying he never really progressed as an artist. “I’ve done a lot for him to the point that being personable with people they’ll feel like that homeboy code, guy code type of energy,” he says. "They’ll be like, ‘You know what? You got it so you should give it to me,’ versus what makes sense. If you don’t sustain your value in the marketplace, I got to pay you the market rate.”

Yayo seems to have heard his comments and responded back with a direct tweet. He doesn’t like that 50 compared him to expired milk and stated he “made that brand,” referring to G-Unit.

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