If you've ever seen or heard one of Tomi Lahren's incendiary rants, you already know the fearsome blonde that's quickly become one of the loudest voices of the millennial conservative movement makes a lot of people really, really angry. One of those people is Wale, who dissed her in a track he dropped just a few days ago.

In the song, titled "Smile," Wale mispronounces Lahren's name, calling her "Tami Lahren." Never one to back down, Lahren clapped back at the MMG MC on Twitter. "So if you're gonna put someone in a song...diss 'em.. perhaps get their fricken name right next time @Wale," Lahren tweeted on Tuesday (Jan. 4).

Wale responded to Lahren's tweet by doubling down on his previous mispronunciation, tweeting back, "Ok Tammy." This is where Tomi's clap back attempt comes into play. As many rap fans already know--and as Wale has referenced more than a few times--the Ambition rapper's name is just as likely to be mispronounced. So Lahren thought she was capitalizing on this fact when she responded with, "Ok Whale." Needless to say, the joke fell flat. You can see the entirety of their exchange near the bottom of this post.

Wale's lyrics directed at Lahren seem to reference the The Blaze commentator's controversial views on race relations. In the song he raps, "The Alt Rights hate us/Some black baby mommas hate us/We only learn half of the drama, other side crazy/On behalf of Charlamagne I'm sure he ain't trading sides/Maybe I should meet Tomi Lahren, I'll Lauryn Hill her/Train her; she miseducated anyway/Prolly hate the color of my face."

Neither Wale nor Lahren have spoken publicly since their Twitter exchange, but our guess is that the "Beautiful Bliss" performer won't be going the route of Trevor Noah or Charlamagne Tha God any time soon.

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