Grand Hustle has a long and storied history, and Tokyo Jetz is part of the label's new generation. Fully backed by T.I., she's on the way to making a name of her own; her new video is the tip of the iceberg. Her latest is "The One," where she flaunts her power in a variety of locations.

The video opens with a snazzily-dressed Tokyo sitting on a bike, as the room fills with different colored lights. The lighting settles on red, and the song really begins as she goes through the chorus. She is then seen walking around a set of a studios on a giant movie lot. Later in the video she becomes a conjoined twin, walks a dog, and stands on top of a highway sign.

The song is full of Tokyo bringing her best flexes to the table. "Bitch I'm the boss, lil' bitch I'm up/Cut my nigga off and I don't give a fuck," she spits, not the least bit concerned about her boyfriend. "Get you a job, you broke and you trippin'/You just a groupie with a lot of pictures."

Tokyo Jetz doesn't need any outside help at this point. "Fuck your lil feature and fuck your lil label/Fuck your lil bag and fuck your lil paper," she angrily raps. She also takes one of her family members to task for not believing in her: "Fuck your comparison, bitch you be hating/And fuck my lil cousin, said I wouldn't make it."

Tokyo has been putting in work for a while, appearing in a BET Hip Hop Awards cypher in 2017. She dropped the "Not Locked Down" video with London Jae in January of this year, and sat down with XXL for The Break more recently.

Check out Tokyo Jetz's "The One" video below.

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