On this day, June 26, in hip-hop history...

2002: After years of taking not-so-subliminal jabs at each other over various diss tracks, the beef between Jay-Z and Nas reached an interesting and disturbing peak when Nas no-showed to Hot 97's 2002 Summer Jam Festival after management reportedly told him he was not allowed to hang a robotic effigy of Jay-Z during his performance.

Fans were understandably displeased that Nas, who was set to headline the evening, didn't appear. Chants of "We want Nas!" erupted throughout the crowd as people dispersed. The act immediately prior was Ja Rule and his Murder Inc family, and before that was Mobb Deep, Alicia Keys, N.O.R.E. and Busta Rhymes, who brought Cam'ron on stage.

Upon being told that he couldn't use the effigy, Nas appeared on 105.1, a rival station to Hot 97, and told DJ Steph Lova why he wasn't at Summer Jam. "I'm here to let my people know that I was dissed this morning and told what I couldn't do on the show," he said, according to MTV. "Which is really outrageous and shows that the wrong people are in power ... It's really out of hand and I'm not going for it."

For years, there was little evidence that an effigy of Jay-Z was actually in the works, but leaked footage in 2012 showing a robotics team building the lifelike Jay-Z figure emerged confirming the reports.

Thankfully, a few years later in 2005, the two famously squashed their beef. 

Watch the video of the Jay-Z effigy being built here.

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