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Three6Mafia via YouTube
Three6Mafia via YouTube

: Thirteen years ago today, the furs came out of trunks and closets, and "Free Pimp C" shirts started collecting dust. After serving roughly half of what was an eight-year prison sentence, the legendary rapper and producer sauntered out of a Texas prison to sate the rap world's thirst for gold grills and gritty naturalism.

Incarcerated since a January 2002 conviction on aggravated assault charges, Pimp C had been critical of Rap-A-Lot's cash-in project, The Sweet James Jones Stories, comprised of unreleased material from years prior. Claiming to have written more than 200 songs while behind bars, the world's most visible Mighty Ducks of Anaheim fan was eager to rejoin his UGK partner Bun B.

In 2006, he put out his second solo album, Pimpalation and the first UGK project after Pimp's release, 2007's double-disc Underground Kingz, was the duo's most acclaimed album since 1996's Ridin' Dirty, spawning the hit single "International Player's Anthem," featuring OutKast.

Upon his release from prison, Pimp C was set to be on parole until late 2009. Unfortunately though, he would never complete this term. He passed away in 2007, the result of a promethazine and codeine overdose in concert with his existing sleep apnea. He was 33-years-old.

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