On this day, March 30 in hip-hop history...


2010: On March 30, 2010, three members of the Wu, Method Man, Ghostface Killah and Raekwon, branched off to drop their own collaborative album known as Wu-Massacre.

This three-way collab was a first for the MC's, who repeatedly stated they weren't using this to form a new group. The Def Jam released record was handled by acclaimed hip-hop producers including Wu-Tang founding member RZA and Wu-Tang DJ Allah Mathematics.

Preceding the album, on February 22, 2010, Allah Mathematics released a free mixtape called Avenging Eagles to get fans warmed up for the album drop. From the tape, which featured old material from the three MC's, spawned the single, "Mef vs. Chef 2" showcasing a back and forth flow. Other singles that came from this related mixtape and album release include "Miranda," "Dangerous" and "Our Dreams." Wu-Massacre debuted at number twelve on the Billboard 200 the week it dropped, selling almost 38,000 copies in the first week.

Since it was three artists on this project, the guys decided to put out three alternative cover arts. Each cover art was created by Marvel Comics and depicts each of the three rappers in a terrorizing, comic-book form.