Back in February, TK Kravitz teamed up with Jacquees to drop their new song "Oceans," and now they're delivering a colorful set of visuals. The track's music video features the two crooners hanging out at a fancy pool setting with two beautiful women who splash in the water setting.

The Joan Pabon-directed video coincides with the song's sensual theme, bringing their ladies to a romantic location in order to spruce up some intimacy. While praising their women on the record, Kravitz and Jacquees stay in sync as they take in the neon purple ambiance surrounding them.

Fans are still awaiting the TK-N-Cash member to drop his 2.0 EP, which he has been teasing since last year. Back in August 2017, the Georgia rapper explained the title of the new project to XXLanticipating a spring release.

"I’m just giving you me," he says. "I could come up with names or whatever, [but] I’m giving you me. That’s TK Kravitz, so that’s why I kept it self-titled. And 2.0, it’s just, sonically, it’s bigger, you know what I mean? Subject matter, it’s deeper, so everything is just going deeper and going bigger, that’s why I call it 2.0."

Watch the music video for TK Kravitz and Jacquees' "Oceans" record below to see all the action go down.

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