Earlier this year when news broke out of a fight between T.I. and Floyd Mayweather, many people were pointing fingers at Tip's wife, Tiny, as the source of the problem. Followed by whispers of infidelity and rumors of separation, the sudden allegations surrounding Tiny's home along with what many thought was a confession to sleeping with the the former Xscape member from Floyd, had many wondering what exactly was going down between the boxer and the famed hip-hop couple. Fast forward to the present and things have been mostly smoothed out but with barely any clarity behind the initial altercation. XXL chopped it up with Tiny while on a promo run for her new Tequila, Tiny's Tequila, and she had this to say.

On Recent Headlines About Her Marriage: 

“We were just being a married couple. All married couples go through things and if anything, you find strength when it’s not going good. We’ve been together for so long that we had to take a break and take a minute to see what we were missing, to see what we missed about each other. Now, we’re back as one.

On The Floyd Mayweather Drama: 

“It was all blown out of proportion. But the Floyd thing, I’ve kind of hung my hat up on it. I’m not really talking about it because I feel like it’s just kind of overdone and it’s disrespectful to my husband. I don’t really want to have a blown out conversation about another man that [T.I.] kind of is or was at odds with."

On Floyd's Reading Skills: 

"I still don’t know that Floyd can’t read. I don’t really feed into all the nonsense. I haven’t really seen it; I heard a lot about it but I haven’t seen when he did the reading. I hear it but I’m just not sold on it because I haven’t seen it myself.” —Miranda Johnson

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