More often than not in the U.S., we hear of rappers getting arrested, but when MCs are taken in by authorities abroad, it's a whole different ball game. Whether in a foreign country for a show, on vacation or for business reasons, when outside of the country, rappers especially need to exhibit top tier behavior to avoid being admitted into unfamiliar legal systems. One questionable move abroad could lead to several months of pending freedom. Just ask Freddie Gibbs.

The rapper was accused of rape earlier this year and spent a few months free on bail in France before being extradited to Austria in August of 2016. He was released on bail again in Austria just a few weeks after being extradited and formally charged with sexually assaulting a woman while on tour last year. “He is alleged to have administered knock-out drops to a woman and then have abused her sexually while she was in a defenseless state,” a spokesman for Vienna’s criminal court said.

Gibbs was charged with “sexual abuse of a defenseless or psychologically impaired person” and is facing a maximum of 10 years in prison. On the flip-side, the Gary, Ind. rapper maintains that he is 100 percent innocent and that the allegations brought against him are totally false. Shortly after his release on bail for the second time, his U.S. lawyer Theodore Simon had this to say:

"As the investigation and process continues, Mr. Gibbs remains hopeful that a thorough, searching and complete investigation will reveal the actual facts, including the absence of any scientific, physical, or credible evidence implicating him, thereby paving the way for his exoneration and return to his family and one-year old child."

As Gibbs awaits the completion of the investigation abroad, fans can only pray for an exoneration. While this is definitely the most prominent case of a rapper being held captive abroad, it's definitely not the first time. Check out the other instances in the gallery above.

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