An insurance company is trying to nix Timbaland’s $1.8 million payout for his missing watch claiming the super producer is attempting commit an insurance scam. The Virginia beat maker initially filed a lawsuit against American Home Assurance Company alleging that his 2-year-old daughter had lost the 30 carat Jacob & Co timepiece. Now, AHAC is unwilling to pay Tim under suspicion that his claims may be false, according to legal documents obtained by TMZ. The insurance company alleges, Tim insured the expensive watch for twice its value. They also claim conflicting stories have been given by Tim and members of his family as to how exactly the watch turned up missing.

This is the same missing watch that reportedly caused a stir for the producer in 2010. After learning that the watch was gone, Tim took a drive to collect his thoughts and cut off all phone contact leaving many people to believe he was suicidal, which he later denied. Looks like Mr. Mosley may have to put on that suit and tie and head to court if he wants his bread.