T.I. has come out and denied calling comedian Lauren Knight a "bitch" during a verbal altercation onstage, but the comic apparently has receipts proving otherwise.

In the wake of a spat on Monday night (April 4) between Tip and Knight, in which the Atlanta rapper was seen on video confronting the comedian over a joke she made about sexual assault allegations against the rapper and his wife, Tameka "Tiny" Harris, T.I. hit up Instagram Live to make a case to his 14.2 million followers that he never referred to Knight as a "bitch."

T.I.'s statement was seemingly in response to the backlash he received following an Instagram video Knight posted, addressing the incident.

"You see where the shit got twisted? Never called you out your name, never called you a bitch," said the Kill the King spitter. "You give me a video where I called you a bitch, I'll give you a million dollars. Where I call you a bitch at? Where did I call you a bitch? I never called you no bitch."

In response, Lauren Knight reposted Tip's video along with a caption claiming that not only did the rapper lie even after it appeared that the argument ended on a positive note, but that he was using his strong following in an attempt to rally his fans against the comic. She also uploaded a clip, which appears to be backstage footage, of Tip blurting out the word "bitch."

She went on to mention that T.I. should send her the $1 million he said he'd give her if she can prove that he called her a "bitch."

"See it went from something simple that should’ve got squashed and settled to this man using his platform to lie on me to justify some bullshit. Everybody is tripping. I just wanna do comedy. @troubleman3 run me my million," Knight wrote. "We ended on a positive note now you lying and saying shit to weaponize your fan base and THAT I’m not here for. Idgaf about how y’all feel I’m here for the truth. I’m getting death threats and harassed cause a nigga wanna lie. That’s lame as hell. This shit is aggy and most importantly I have no reason to lie."

The aforementioned back-and-forth between T.I. and Knight popped off when the rapper heckled the comedian while she was onstage, making fun of the bright-colored wig she had been wearing. In response, Knight referenced Tip's assault allegations by saying, "Alright, I'll take my wig off when you speak on the allegations."

Here's a look at how the argument went down after T.I. took the mic during Lauren Knight's comedy set:

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