Father Ogalo, a popular priest in southwest Kenya who uses hip-hop to engage his congregation, has been suspended by the Catholic church.

Father Ogalo, known among the community as Father Masaa, says that his use of rap in his sermons helps the younger generation feel connected to the church. The church, however, wasn't having it.

According to Bishop Philip Anyolo, the head of the diocese where Father Ogalo serves, the "use of rap music is not allowed in preaching," he told CNN on Tuesday (June 26). "The priest has been given a one year break to look into his ways before coming back to the church. We have just barred him from preaching using rap music to allow him time to change his ways," Anyolo said.

Father Ogalo has apparently been suspended since last month, which involves him relinquishing his duties as the main priest during public mass, but he is allowed to lead private mass.

Over the past year, Father Ogalo gained international acclaim as a popular priest who regularly appeared on radio shows and TV. Ogalo was even reportedly considered the "new face" of the church in the country and it's promising future. In the wake of the news of his suspension, many of Ogalo's supporters have blasted the Catholic Church in Kenya as being "dictatorial."

Hip-hop, in many instances America at least, has a strong relationship with religion. Many artists find inspiration from the church for songs, videos, and projects. 

Father Ogalo has not yet commented on his suspension. Take a look for yourself at one of his popular rap sermons below.

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