Los-Angeles based producer-songwriter duo THEY., have had a big last year or so, winning fans over with their 2017 debut album, Nü Religion: Hyena, and their performance at Coachella this year. The group is back today (June 8) with "Pops," a new single dedicated to fathers, just in time for Father's Day.

The first verse is more somber, telling the story of a strained father-son relationship. "Somedays I would scream, 'I can't stand you'/And then he slipped up say he wished he never had me," group member Drew sings. Even a change of scenery hasn't changed the resentment: "I closed the distance once that nigga moved to Cali/I wish I never moved to Cali."

Soon, his perspective changes, and he learns to appreciate his father. "How it feel pops, to see your young boy getting money/Got that deal pops, put a little back up in your pocket" he shares, in a happier tone than before. "Here pops, I can pay you back for college for real pops/Finally living like you lived."

The chorus is mostly centered around trying to find yourself, and hoping your father's well-wishes will assist you. "He used to pray for them better days till they came 'round/Hate where I'm heading but I can't slow down," he admits." Pray that I feel the same when I come down, hey/Been tryna make a change, I don't know how."

In addition to dropping this song for the dads, THEY. are planning to pay for the haircuts of father and son duos during the week of Father's Day. A thoughtful idea.

Listen to "Pops" below.

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