The Weeknd is going back to where it all started. A new feature by Vogue on The Weeknd reveals that the "I Can't Feel My Face" singer is back in the studio with the producers behind his debut project House of Balloons.

The article does not clarify if the entire lineup of producers from House of Balloons is involved in these new recording session. But, it seems likely that Doc McKinney, Illangelo and Jeremy Rose are all back in the studio with The Weeknd considering the heavy involvement in House of Balloons. The Weeknd did stress that he was not trying to recreate that mixtape though. Instead, he's crafting an original piece of work.

"It’s a new thing,” The Weeknd told Vogue. "Always a new thing."

The Weeknd clearly feels that something special is being created right now as he pulled out of the majority of his major commitments. This included the European leg of Rihanna's ANTI tour.

"Creatively, some magic is happening right now, and I don’t want to lose it," The Weeknd explained. "It could be an album or it could be something else, but whatever it is, music is being made."

One commitment that The Weeknd did not get out of was his appearance at the 2016 Met Gala. The singer teamed up with Nas on Monday night (April 2) to perform a remix of The Weeknd's song "Tell Your Friends" from his Grammy winning album Beauty Behind The Madness.

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