The Weeknd's rise to pop culture ubiquity and music industry royalty continues with Mania, his epic new short film with songs from his upcoming album, Starboy. You can peep the stunning new visual for yourself up top.

The new film features dark and surreal imagery that will keep your eyes glued to the screen  as the "Wicked Games" crooner belts out lyrics about ascendance, love and paranoia. It begins with an appearance from the same panther that graced the screen in Weeknd's "Starboy" video as a brief clip of his Future collaboration, "All I Know," begins playing.

The next thing you know, The Weeknd is cruising up the mountain side with a gorgeous peach sunset serving as the backdrop. His Kendrick Lamar collab "Sidewalks" is playing, and as you should've expected, it sounds amazing. Can't wait to hear K. Dot's verse.

Arriving at his destination -- predictably a club -- Weeknd makes his way into a lively party as his disco-infused track "Secrets" begins to play. Weeknd has his eye on a beautiful young dancer, and from the looks of it, he's caught her eye as well. From there, the two act upon their impulses as Weeknd begins crooning another of his sultry tracks from Starboy. The next thing you know he's covered in blood. Yup, a lot happens in this short film.

Fans can hear Weeknd's new album in its entirety when it drops on Friday (Nov. 25). The project features guest appearances from the likes of Future, Daft Punk, Lana Del Ray and K. Dot. You can peep The Weeknd's Starboy tracklist for yourself below.

1. “Starboy” (Feat. Daft Punk)

2. “Party Monster”

3. “False Alarm”

4. “Reminder”

5. “Rockin'”

6. “Secrets”

7. “True Colors”

8. “Stargirl Interlude” (Feat. Lana Del Rey)

9. “Sidewalks” (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)

10. “Six Feet Under”

11. “Love To Lay”

12. “A Lonely Night”

13. “Attention”

14. “Ordinary Life”

15. “Nothing Without You”

16. “All I Know” (Feat. Future)

17. “Die For You”

18. “I Feel It Coming” (Feat. Daft Punk)

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