Taking a brief break from his Starboy: Legend of the Fall tour, The Weeknd pulls up with a new visual for "Secrets" from his Starboy album.

The song itself sees the Toronto crooner singing about hearing his lover speak the names of other men when she sleeps—seemingly confirming his suspicion that she's been cheating on him.

The video for "Secrets" finds young Abel taking a stroll through what appears to be a sort of Inception-esque dream world where beds unfold like origami and stylish men and women linger, examining his lover as they enter and exit the dream world and she lays on a bed.

Throughout the visual, Weeknd chases the affection of the woman he thought he was in an exclusive relationship with, but by the end of it, he doesn't appear any closer to getting closure. Welp.

Directed by Pedro Martin-Calero, this new vid represents exactly the sort of surreal, dreamy stuff fans love in music videos, and recently, Weeknd's been all about the fans.

The XO boss indulged his fans' wildest fantasies throughout his Legends of the Fall tour. At the end of April, he brought out Kendrick Lamar during the tour's stop in L.A. A few weeks back, he brought out his fellow young Canadian legend Drake onto the stage during the Toronto stop. Just last week, he brought A$AP Rocky, Playboi Carti and French Montana onstage during his show in Brooklyn. All fire.

Check out Weeknd's newest video for yourself below.

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