Q-Tip's new album is totally influenced by the fact that he has been working as a party deejay for the last several years. This album is for you to get motivated to do something g.o.o.d. in your life. The last album that I used to get myself dressed to in the morning was 'Graduation'. I wish I had one of those futuristic homes that piped the music into every room. Then I could take a shit, smoke a clip, shower, eat my peanut butter and jelly sandwich, brush my teeth, get dressed and put on some fresh new sneakers all to the soundtrack of the Q-Tip album.

Actually, my apartment isn't that big where I can't hear the music playing no matter what room I am in. Everything on 'The Renaissance' celebrates life and the endless possibility that every day represents. In a way, Q-Tip is speaking on more wealth than any rapper evar. He is talking that shit where you have the freedom to just do you. That is real wealth right there. Buying a diamond watch or a Maybach is for stuntin' but imagine if you could just wake up in Prague or Manila and just be free to smell the bloomeristics of something young and tender.

In the new millenium this is the possibility of Hip-Hop. Q-Tip has returned to the game to put himself back into the global movement that rap represents. De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest are the reasons that there is a non-white president-elect for these United States. You think white folks would have gotten behind a Public Enemy X-Clan candidate? Hellz the fuck no! We needed rappers with a global perspective like KanYe West and Q-Tip to push Barack Obama into office. In a generation, Black people will no longer exist as we know it. We will become Hyper-Black or Ultra-Black. We will be mixed with so many ethnicities that race will no longer matter to us.

I'm sure that race will still matter to white folks since that is what they use to maintain their social hegemony, but no one else will care and the women will be beautiful. Half Chinese, half South American, half Black beauties everywhere. Even though white chicks are starting to come out with the fat asses it won't matter because their faces will be totally un-exotic and as usual, they won't tan well. Q-Tip's new album isn't a renaissance, it's a look into the future. 808's and Heartbreaks will be the straight up looking glass.

I'm peeping the tracklist from 'The Renaissance' in the hopes of telling you the best tracks but honestly they are all money. If I had to fucks with just one I think 'I Believe' would be my favorite. 'I Believe' sums up the feelings that I have for this country right now plus it has the homey D'Angelo on it. This is such a good album for the time it was released. I hope Barack Obama is a good president. I hope he gets our money situation straightened out. I hope white people don't go crazy and lose their shit for fear that their racial hegemony might get broken up. I know a lot of them were counting on that shit for retirement.

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