Despite being on tour overseas, The Game is fully in tune with the water crisis in Flint, Michigan and is donating $1 million in water bottles to the cause. The West Coast MC posted two photos on Instagram, one of which was a receipt for $500,000 from his Robin Hood Project charity to Avita Water. Avita will match The Game's donation of $500,000 to bring the donation to $1 million.

"So, I'm on tour and not in the US as I'd like to be to help with this water crisis in Flint, Michigan first hand," writes the rapper. "One, because my younger sister and her children live there and second, because I care. Most celebs on here faking using the word 'Pledge' in their so called donations are not fooling anyone! The truth is the population in Flint, Michigan is about 105,000 people and it takes at least 9 bottles per person a day just to us to bathe, brush their teeth, drink and cook with..."

The Game then went on to call out other celebrities for using the tragedy as a way to get into the spotlight. "Stop using others tragedies for your won celebrity gain...You're not fooling ANYONE!" he continues. "I seen Madonna and Jimmy Fallon's $10,000 donations...that's cute, but not nearly enough."

Yesterday (Jan. 25), Diddy and Mark Wahlberg joined the cause. Each member of the pair own a large stake in AQUAhydrate and each pledged to donate one million bottles of water to the Flint community. The water is expected to arrive by tomorrow (Jan. 27).

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