Comments that The Game made on Power 105's morning show The Breakfast Club back in September could get the program in serious legal trouble, as former radio DJ Troi "Star" Torain has filed a $10 million defamation lawsuit against them, TMZ reports. The comments were in relation to an ongoing feud between Star and The Breakfast Club's DJ Envy in which Game, supporting Envy, said, "Who was the dude on the radio out here? I told him, I was like, ‘I’ll break your jaw, dude.’ I’m still gonna break his jaw when I see him. I never seen him since then."

Footage from that September interview is down below, but Star, who represents himself in the lawsuit, had comments of his own, as seen in the above video, explaining the rationale behind his suit. "Game is really small potatoes," he said. "The issue here is Clear Channel or iHeartMedia and Revolt promoting threats on my life by way of their platform. I’m not saying I’m gonna do anything. I’m not making any threats, but I’m asking you, the viewers, the listeners, should I let it slide or should I respond? In the same fashion that DJ Envy responded to me once upon a time. He ran right to the police, I have the paper work. He signed the paperwork, he and his wife."

The Breakfast Club has yet to release any comment on the lawsuit, though between Envy's own personal history in the matter and Charlamagne's trademark candor, there is potential for an on-air discussion of the matter. Check out the TMZ videos both up top and down below.

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