Rich The Kid is at the center of a wild situation. On Thursday night (June 14), the rapper was assaulted during a robbery at his girlfriend Tori Brixx's Los Angeles home, leaving him hospitalized. Many are speculating on exactly what went down. And now, The Game is offering his two cents on the situation. He seems to think it was an inside job.

On Saturday (June 16), Chuck posted a photo of a bruised up Brixx on his Instagram page. She is said to have been pistol whipped during the home invasion, but the Compton rapper is looking at her as the main suspect in a possible set up.

"Aye @richthekid you been set up blood..... surround yourself by REAL ONES asap nigga," he captioned the photo. "Tyler Perry, give her a job 🙏🏾 (& that’s a clap, not prayer hands) #WhenRealNiggasPostAllHellBreaksLoose #iKnowImAasshole #ButiCallASpadeASpade #TookThePicOnPortraitMode #HitMeTwiceMakeItLookGood #Ouch #PutAHatOnButDontWipeTheBloodOff #ExcuseMeCanYouPassTheLipGlossB4iTakeThisPic #SinceWhenItTake5NiggasToDoAHomeInvasion #2NiggasMAX #3NiggasIfOneLowKeyScary #PrettiestBlackEyeANiggaEverSeen #Oceans8PlusOneHeadAhhh #FOH #ImOUT #YallPlayingWitNiggasLivesOnThisBullshitAPP #WannWannWannBitchYouLilBaby."

As previously reported, multiple men are said to have broken into Brixx's home while Rich was there and demanded jewelry and money from the rapper, who resisted and was beaten pretty badly. Game isn't the only person who thinks something is fishy. Brixx made a social media post denying the claims that she was in on it after people came at her for possibly being involved.

"I'm disappointed because I ain't set nobody up," she said in the video, while showing off bruises she allegedly sustained during the attack. "'Cause at the end of the day, if I asked Rich for it, he would have gave it to me, 'cause that's how much he fuck with me. I don't gotta ask nobody for no chain. Like, if I wanted a chain I could have 10 chains."

Check out Game's post below.

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