The Game always loves putting on a great show for his fans when he's on the road, even if it becomes controversial, but it looks like he had to check one supporter who got carried away. While performing in Slovenia on March 16, a fan in the crowd attempted to take a selfie with the West Coast rapper while they were both on stage.

Unfortunately, The Game wasn't too pleased to have the male fan in his space while he kept his focus on performing for the rest of the crowd, as he ends up pushing the guy pretty hard.

"Ayo, back the fuck up, man!" The Game exclaims. "Just back off, bro. Shit! Ayo, we fucking gangsters. Don't come up here doing that shit. Just chill out."

It also appears in the footage that the 1992 spitter's security team ended up shoving the fan off stage and into the rest of the crowd just moments later. While the Slovenian fan was learning a hard lesson about personal space, the audience cheered while The Game explained the reasoning for the intense push.

The veteran hip-hop star is currently on the road for a 22-date European tour, with things wrapping up on March 30 in Luxor, Netherlands. So far, he's visited countries such as Poland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Ireland, England and more.

See the footage of The Game pushing a fan who attempts to take a selfie with him during his concert.

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