The Game finds himself as an unlikely bedfellow of LAPD chief Charlie Beck. The Compton rapper joined forces with Beck to create a new Stop the Violence PSA.

"Last year in the city of Los Angeles, almost of 1000 people were shot," Beck says in the promo. "Almost 300 of them died. 80% of the victims and 80% of the shooters were young men of color."

The video cuts between statements made by The Game and Charlie Beck who each speak about the need for violence to end in Los Angeles.

"We have to be more positive," The Game says. "We have to stop killing one another. Humanity, it has to resurface. So, this is my stand: a positive stand to unite. Let's unite. Stop the violence. Be the change."

Charlie Beck also spoke to TMZ about the difficulties involved in making this PSA. The police chief said he and The Game will be criticized for aligning on this issue.

"This will not play well with some of the people we are strongly aligned with," Beck explained. "To be quite honest with you, many of the rank and file aren't so thrilled me doing this with [The Game]. And many of his natural people that follow him probably aren't so thrilled of him standing with me. But you know what, the message is more powerful than that. And that's the point. I've told people this before. I'd ride through the gates of hell to stop you from killing each other or hurting police officers in Los Angeles. And he feels the same way. So, I think we're both willing to take those risks."

The Game's PSA participation builds on the actions he has taken since the police killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile inspired movements around the country. The "Hate It or Love It" MC led a protest and gang summit in addition to participating in a secret meeting with black celebrities.

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