The Game may think that internet beef isn't real, but internet icons? Very real and necessary. With an Instagram post on Monday (Jan. 25) the west coast MC became the latest rapper to unveil his own emoji keyboard, following the animated footsteps of Fetty Wap, who introduced his own pack this past December, and Cam'ron, who, in typical fashion, was years ahead of this wave.

While some of The Game's emojis, like various gang signs or an underwear selfie or portrayals of last month's Stitches beatdown, might make sense, others like Stitches on his hands and knees groveling, seem a little over the top. Like Fetty Wap's emoji pack, The Game's keyboard is available via Moji Keyboard in the iTunes App Store.

The Game's social and hip-hop presence received a huge boost in 2015, as the rapper released two albums, The Documentary 2 and The Documentary 2.5, the first of which made XXL's list of the 20 Best Albums of the year. Earlier this month, The Game announced that he will be releasing a special collector's edition of the two albums, packaging them together along with a few bonus tracks. Trey Songz appears on two of those tracks, "Do It To You" and "Ride Solo," both of which have been releases ahead of time.

In addition to the collector's edition rerelease, The Game has embarked on a worldwide tour that kicked off Jan. 8 in his hometown of Los Angeles. A majority of the dates are overseas so if any international Game fans are looking to catch the rapper in person, check out the full list of dates for what will be the tour's first leg.

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