The Game's long-running contest for fans to design the cover art for his forthcoming album Blood Moon: Year Of The Wolf  has finally come to an end today. The Compton rapper chose a piece by artist Ruben Ramos, which features his daughter Cali pointing at a white wolf sporting the iconic red star on its face. This will act as the official album cover.

The game made the announcement on Instagram. His caption read:

The WINNER of the #FanAppreciation album artwork design contest is @xoramos661 !!!!!!!!! It was hard to pick a winner out of all of the dope submissions that came in but in the end I had to choose one. in 2nd place it was @flashphotogrfx & in 3rd@luxurydesignstudio. Shout out to @dinondavid for his almost 50 attempts & his relentless dedication.... It never went unnoticed or unappreciated ! In the end it was the concept (the world sees me as a big bad wolf but to my daughter @littlemisscali I'm just dad & her every wish in life is my command), simplicity & white background & Documentary style font had me sold. As for all of my other fans who put in long hours working on their covers..... Don't be upset or angry... I have announcement to make shortly that will put you right back on track.... So STAY TUNED !!! Again, congrats to @xoramos661 on WINNING the #YearOfTheWolf #FanAppreciation album cover contest..... This concludes this contest & again.... DO NOT be discouraged because my next announcement will suit you all just fine. Thank you everyone - The Game #BloodMoney #LaFamilia [photo credit: @R54Photos]

Year Of The Wolf is expected to hit stores Oct. 14.

The Game also announced another cover art contest for his January album The Documentary 2. Fans will have up until Christmas Eve (Dec. 24) to impress the rapper with their designs. Read his caption below.

I told my fans not to be discouraged with not winning the #YearOfTheWolf album cover contest because I had something else in store for you..... Now I'm giving ALL MY FANS just about 4 months.... From today.. Sept 4 - Dec 24th to nail the artwork for "The Documentary 2" album that will be dropping January 18th 2015 exactly 10 years from my 1st album "The Documentary" which dropped January 18th 2005. This album will be my 6th solo album & is very special to me & definitely to my family & fans as well as defines my legacy so be very careful to make your entry both artistically amazing yet original & simplistic. Once your done with your artwork post it on your page & be sure to tag me here,@thegame & @thedocumentary along with the hashtag #TheDocumentary2 so that I can see them all. The new album will again include a Documentary of my life from beginning to current day that will embody my short comings as well as my triumphs & be packaged up with the disc as was part 1. I have also created @TheDocumentary page so you can follow the entire creative process of the new album. I will also post some of you guys entries there so that other fans can give you feedback as well as myself. Now, on the music end, TRUST & BELIEVE I will give you 100% of my time, dedication, hunger & display the same skill I did on my 1st album. My fans are important to me & I want this album to be equal to or better than the 1st & I will not rest until the feel of it is entirely what "The Documentary" was !!! I know some people will say, "there is no topping the 1st album"..... Well, I say "FUCKIN WATCH ME" !!! My heart is in this shit & we made it this far TOGETHER !!! Now back to this contest: YOU HAVE TIL DECEMBER 24TH TO GET YOUR ARTWORK IN & THE WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED JAN. 2ND HERE ON MY INSTAGRAM !!!!! I love all my fans so much that I've started you off with a canvas in the pic above.... Look at it as my way of helping you cheat lol.... Good luck to ALL who enter.... Can't wait to see your art... GO !!!! #TheDocumentary2 #BloodMoney