The Game is doing his part to try to curb violence in America. The Compton rapper recently started his 'Yo Mama My Mama' campaign, which encourages people to help other people's mothers. To kick things off, Game bought a mother in need $1000 worth of groceries.

In the video, courtesy of TMZ, the California MC is packing food into a woman's car outside a Ralph's grocery store. He purchased $1000 worth of food for the mother, but the actual dollar amount was reduced to $700 after the woman used her Ralph's frequent buyer card.

The Game tells TMZ, "We got this thing called 'Yo Mama My Mama.' I figure that with all the tragedy, all the brothers killing each other, cops killing brothers, brothers killing cops, the one thing that people care about the most, around the world, is their mothers."

He continues, "So if we can pay it forward and make my mama, yo mama. And if you help somebody's mom cross the street or if you ask her how her day is going, just do anything for someone else's mother as if she was your own, the guy whose mother that is might not be inclined to do something to you based on your mother. So it's a different approach man, and it's just at the end of the day this is what I'm doing."

The mother, named Yvette, explains how she was picked. "My daughter sent in a video of just our struggle and what we're dealing with, and they chose us."

In case you missed it, check out how Game and his son raised over $50,000 for Arkansas cop Tommy Norman. Also, peep how the "Hate It Or Love It" rapper hosted a gang summit for peace in Los Angeles.

You can view the TMZ video above via YouTube. Keep it locked to XXL for more news about The Game.

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