The Boot Camp Clik performed their 'A Tribute To Classics' show on Wednesday night in Brower Park. In the heart of Crown Heights they did classics from 'Enta Da Stage' and 'Dah Shinin'. This is the the very neighborhood that birthed these artists. I can't imagine any other place that this show would be more like a homecoming. We'd have to be on the Franklin Avenue shuttle maybe. I don't know how we'd get the whole band on the train though.

The Boot Camp Clik is what backpacker rap is all about for me. My Jansport knapsack with the sueded bottom held my Sony walkman cassette player, my Garcia y Vegas, and a boxcutter for whatever whatever. The Boot Camp Clik defines that era succinctly. Even to this day they remain independent artists that haven't sold their souls, or their publishing, out to the lowest bidders. The Boot Camp Clik has taken the high road in Hip-Hop(literally and figuratively) and this is why they are so important as artistic role models.

Salute these brothers when you see them on the streets.