Chicago is the home for some of the best street rappers in hip-hop. G Herbo, Lil Bibby, King Louie, Chief Keef are just some of the street poets that made a name for themselves over the last few years. One of the hottest young MCs in the Windy City right now is Lud Foe.

Foe, a 20-year-old spitta who reps Boochie Gang, has had a great year. His video for "Cuttin' Up," which was released in May, has over 13 million views. Following that are visuals for "Bankroll," "Suicide" and "What's the Issue," each collecting millions of views and gaining Lud Foe a legion of followers. The budding rhyme-slinger has a deadly delivery, easily able to rattle off bars at Olympic level speed.

"I got my own sound," he explains to XXL while in New York. "[What makes me different is] my name, just me and my personality, I got my own swag; I talk different from everybody else. There’s a big difference."

Last month, Lud Foe released his mixtape, No Hooks, showing off why he's one of the best spittas in the Midwest. Now it's on to bigger and better things. He's looking to bring his whole team with him as he grows into a bigger artist.

"I got No Hooks 2 and Boochie Gang the Mixtape coming," he adds. "Boochie Gang started because of my uncle. He passed away. I made Boochie Gang after he passed away. His name was Boochie."

Get up on Lud Foe.

Name: Lud Foe

Age: 20

Hometown: Chicago

I grew up listening to: “I grew up listening to N.W.A, Ice Cube, Gucci Mane, Three 6 Mafia, Project Pat, Master P and shit like that. I had a older cousin, he was always good at music. He inspired me to rap. First time I ever rap, I was little. I used to always have this little line where I say, 'Put him in a headlock with the red dot.' I was 4 years old; I think I heard someone say it and I just started saying it.

"[After that] I just started rapping. I found it interesting. I didn’t used to know how to rap though. I had to listen to music and work to perfect my craft. I used to rap in the shower, rap while I’m going to sleep, rapping in school and getting put out the classroom.

"I started to take it serious because everybody was telling me, 'You need to be in the studio. Why aren’t you in the studio?' I was like 16. I got in the studio because of my producer Kid Wond3r Beats. We met at a tattoo shop way back. I recorded my first song on Kid Wond3r’s beats. I wasn’t really into music until I record my first song. When I heard how I sounded and learned how to record music, it was on from there."

Most people don’t know: “Most people don’t know that I’m a cool person. Most people think that I’m mean but I’m only mean if you make me mean. I’m just a cool person."

My style’s been compared to: “People compare me to Chief Keef. My sound is like N.W.A, Project Pat's sound but a bit different. Like older generation mixed with newer generation. That’s me."

My standout records or moments to date have been: “'Cuttin Up,' it has over 13 million views right now and it’s only been out since May. Me and Kid were trying to link up that whole day but Kid was busy. It was one of those rainy days. So Kid finally got free and I went to pick him up. We were trying to get in the studio but it was closed so we went to my crib.

"We made songs so we can go into the studio the next day prepared. So we get to my crib and while he would make the beat I would be making the song. Before he finished making the beat I would write a whole song for it. That’s why we’re always working fast. By the time he made 'Cuttin Up' I had the lyrics ready."

My goal in hip-hop is to: “To stay consistent, work hard everyday and stay motivated and dedicated. But stay focus mainly because you can’t do anything without it. My main goal in life is to stay focus and succeed in everything that I do."

I’m gonna be the next: “I’ll be the next young, Black, educated, rich man."

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Standout: No Hooks

"My Ambitions As A Rider"

"What's The Issue"

"Bank Roll"


"Cuttin Up"

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