As we anticipate the first-week results of Fetty Wap's self-titled debut album (released on Sept. 25), XXL decided to take a look back at the massive year that the one-eyed superstar has amassed. Breaking on the scene last winter, Fetty has transformed from a local Paterson, N.J. MC to a worldwide phenomenon. "Trap Queen" undoubtedly plays a role in it all, as the now platinum record has accumulated 105 million plays on SoundCloud and over 250 million views on YouTube, thus crafting the foundation of his career.

The success of the song has not only served as a milestone for Fetty, but apparently the catchy record has been a win for many others as well. A host of YouTubers have uploaded their own versions of Wap's hit single, garnering millions of views on their personal accounts, all off of Fetty's irresistible effort. Many would deem this flattery at its finest.

Watch the video above and see how Fetty Wap's debut single literally touched the world.

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