New York rapper 6ix9ine has acquired a lot of fans in a very short period of time, and apparently a number of enemies too. On Thursday (Feb. 23), an alleged member of the Tango Orejon gang network was arrested by the San Antonio Police Department and charged with making terroristic threats toward the rapper.

According to KSAT 12, the arrest was made at the San Antonio International Airport. Police monitoring the area spotted two vehicles approaching the premises with several men inside around 4:30 p.m. The officer on the scene recognized one of the individuals as Adam Rodriguez, who had garnered notoriety in recent days for making threats toward the "Gummo" rapper on social media.

Police stopped one of the vehicles as it was leaving the terminal. Two of its occupants were arrested on outstanding warrants. Rodriguez was arrested and charged with making terroristic threats. His bond has been set at $5,000.

The report states the man took issue with 69's sexual misconduct case, and promised to do harm to the rapper if he made his scheduled performance at Bar 32 on Thursday. According to the report, 69 was scheduled to arrive the same day the men were arrested.

Rodriguez reportedly aired his side of what went down on Facebook. "I’m about what I say, we went three cars deep and had people posted inside the airport," he wrote. "TEKASHI69 manager called SAPD...I told on myself? He’s suppose to be a gangsta ain’t he? I’m Orejon Fr if anyone feel like testin that feel free!"

69 has had a number of issues during his brief come up. In January, he was reportedly involved in an altercation at 2018 Yams Day. His show in Minneapolis, Minn., in February, ended in gunfire and ice buckets raining down on stage. He was also recently involved in a fight in Los Angeles over 2018 NBA All-Star Weekend.

Check out KSAT 12's report on the incident below.

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