A man that looks like it could be Teejayx6 was seen being chased by a group of men in Atlanta's Lenox Square Mall recently and it was all caught on camera.

In a short video that surfaced on Twitter on Tuesday (May 26), the "Dark Web" rapper appears to not only be getting aggressively followed by a number of men, but it also looks like they are trying to fight him. In the five-second clip, the man, who has not been confirmed to be Teejay but favors the rapper, can be seen running through a crowded area in the mall while members of a group throw jabs in his direction.

Following all the attention the aspiring XXL Freshman received from the debacle, the Detroit native opted to explain some of what happened on Instagram live. Based on a brief clip from his IG live that surfaced on Twitter, it is unclear if Teejay is trolling or if he is making light of the altercation by joking about how quickly he traveled from the mall in Georgia to his home state of Michigan.

"Listen, a group of niggas walk up on you, bro. I still got the little black eye too, look," Teejayx6 begins in his IG live. "I got the little black eye, you see it? Y'all see the black eye. Those niggas beat my ass. But, I don't know, bro. I don't know how I go to Detroit so fast, wasn't that video today, bro?"

There is no clear understanding of what caused the fight in the shopping center or if Teejay was definitely involved, but many have speculated that if Teejay was actually attacked, it could potentially be linked to Lil Baby. Late last week, the TF Entertainment rhymer posted an image of Lil Baby's ID card and claimed he would scam the Atlanta-bred rapper next.

"Got @lilbaby_1 SSN and ID I'm bout to be rich when I get that bank log," he wrote in a since-deleted post on Instagram.

XXL has reached out to a rep for Teejayx6 for a comment.

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